Summer Flowers are arriving.

The summer stunners are starting to arrive in stock. The English weather may not be up to scratch just yet but the summer flowers are blooming nicely. Last week i saw the first batch of peonies on my Dutch mans van, yes i say to my self, summer is coming!

Out with the spring tulips, daffs and hyacinths. But sadly to my spring time favourite ranunculus. Its hard to say what my favourite flower is as there are so, so many. But its easier to have a seasonal favourite. For me Spring has to = Ranunculus and usually is would say peonies for summer. But this year i am going into summer open minded. I will be stocking a range or summer flowers to help me and even you make your summer favourite flower choice.

If you would like to order a selection of summer flowers do not hestitate to call 07525193867 or pop into my new workshop. 

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